BigCommerce Australia Review

BigCommerce Australia is the best eCommerce platform for businesses owners. It provides all you need to start your online store. You only need to sign up and customize it to suit the goods or services you want to sell online.

There are no monthly fees, so it is suitable even if you have a small budget for marketing. Also, it is a perfect tool for those who don’t know how to design a website.

In this Big commerce review, we will discuss what it is and who can use it. We will also discuss how its features make it an excellent choice for many businesses.

BigCommerce is an Australian success story, having developed into one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world. Let’s dive in deeper BigCommerce Australia Review and see how they match up.

BigCommerce Review- What is BigCommerce?

Do you have a business or product that needs exposure on the internet? BigCommerce can help boost your sales very quickly.

BigCommerce Australia is an eCommerce platform. It allows you to build online stores from any location. Also, it offers many features, such as social media integration and built-in SEO tools.

More than 80,000 online retailers have used it since its launch in 2006. The E-bay corporation recently acquired it for $350 million. Thus, you can be sure it is doing well among other eCommerce platforms.

According to Bigcommerce reviews, the platform helps you to optimize your online store. It is suitable for selling both physical and digital products.

You can easily customize your online store to match the style you want it to have. You will also get a beautiful template that looks great on all devices. Also, it allows you to create shipping rules. Hence, you ship orders according to specific criteria, such as the price or weight of the product.

You will receive full support from the Bigcommerce Australia team. Their customer services assure you that your online store is in good hands!

The first step to using Bigcommerce is signing up for an account. You need to have a valid email address and password. Also, you will use a credit card or PayPal account to pay for your first month.

After signing up, you can customize the online store. You can choose from different templates and themes on the website. You will find many stylish designs that are suitable even if you don’t have any design skills! You can also choose to use automatic tax calculations or coupon codes for your online store.

According to BigCommerce reviews, it is more than just a site builder. It provides you with online store management tools to improve your online store. You can add products, edit them or even delete them. Of course, it is also possible to manage your customers and view their shopping carts.

Other than your online store management, it also enables you to:

  • Ship tools that allow you to ship orders using USPS or Australia Post.
  • The ability to set up multi-currency transactions. Your customers can buy from anywhere in the world.

You will find it easy to track your sales with Bigcommerce’s analytics feature. You only need a valid email address for this tool.

It is one of the best Bigcommerce Australia tools to know how your eCommerce store performs. You will also get detailed reports and graphs showing where your sales are coming from. Bigcommerce’s analytics helps you compare prices between different online stores, too!

Who is BigCommerce best suited for?

According to Bigcommerce reviews, it is best for everyone. Those who want to sell both physical and digital products can enjoy the tool.

It is also a perfect choice for those with a limited budget. The tool does not charge monthly fees, and it’s free up to 100 orders per month!

If you don’t have any design skills, BigCommerce creates your online store for you. You don’t have to worry about the design. You can just select a template and customize it to suit your specific needs and your customers!

Thus, BigCommerce is suitable for:

  • Small businesses
  • Startups
  • Anyone who is new to eCommerce
  • Anyone who is on a shoestring budget

BigCommerce Pricing

Bigcommerce pricing Australia comes with three packages. The pricing depends on the number of sales your business makes in a year.

The Basic Plan

The Basic plan is suitable for those who are just starting an online store. You will get the most basic features that BigCommerce has to offer. For example, product inventory management and order tracking tools.

Also, you can quickly integrate with social media channels. Your online store will have a Facebook shop or Pinterest integration. If your monthly transactions are less than $250, you will only need to pay AU$29.95 per month for this plan.

You will also receive:

  • Shipping estimates in real-time
  • Discounts, coupons, and gift cards
  • Several channels of sale are available
  • An infinite number of product options
  • Accounts for all employees are unlimited
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days
  •  Product evaluations and reviews

The Plus Package

The BigCommerce pricing Australia plus package is best for stable businesses. It is suitable if your monthly transactions exceed $500 and up to $30,000.

You get all the features that come with the basic plan. Also, you get more tools such as Google Analytics support or Apple iOS apps integration. You will have a dedicated customer support team. Also, you stand to enjoy unlimited email, phone, chat, and online training.

The Bigeccomerce plus package also offers you;

  • Credit cards that allow for faster purchases.
  •  A persistent cart to receive real-time updates
  •  Customer segments and custom offers
  •  Multi-store management and advanced reporting tools

The Pro Package

If your business makes more than $30 000 per month in sales, the Pro package is for you! You can enjoy all the Bigcommerce Australia features. For example, you will get tools such as multi-store management or advanced reports. At AU$399.95 per month, you get a lot of value for your money!

The BigCommerce pro plan features ;

  • Advanced reporting and analysis tools
  • Ship orders using your account with USPS or Australia Post
  •  Multi-store management capabilities
  •  Loyalty programs, gift cards, and customer segments
  •  Discounts on shipping rates for fast deliveries to customers’ doorsteps
  •  Competitive pricing is available, as well as volume discounts.

Trial Version

BigCommerce also has a 15- day free trial version. But, you can only have one store, and your customers cannot make transactions. It is suitable for small businesses just getting started online.

Difference between Plans of BigCommerce Pricing

BigCommerce Standard Plan

The plan is suitable for selling on social media platforms like Facebook. You can also sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Shopping.

The standard plan has specific features. For example, it has unlimited products, bandwidth, file storage, and staff accounts.

But, you can only have one website and a Bigcommerce customer support team.

BigCommerce Plus Plan

The plus plan allows you to sell on social media platforms like eBay and Walmart. It gives you access to advanced reporting and analysis tools. Also, you get access to unlimited product options.

In addition to the features, it comes with the following:

Abandoned Cart Saver

It is a vital tool that an online store uses to send automated email invitations to customers.

It sends emails to clients who add an item to their carts but leave before they check out. Thus, the abandoned cart saver assists you in keeping your customers. Also, according to a Big commerce review, it helps your online store be more engaging.

Stored Credit Cards

Stored credit cards are an excellent tool to accept payments. It allows you to store credit card credentials on the website. Thus, reducing the time to enter payment information. When customers make future purchases, their details are already on the platform. Also, this saves space in your business’s database since only one set of customer data has to be stored.

BigCommerce Pro Plan

The Bigcommerce Australia pro plan is best for big businesses and companies. For example, those that sell more than $30 000 per month.

It offers reporting tools like Google Analytics support or Apple iOS apps integration. Also, it has unlimited bandwidth and file storage. You also get a zero transaction fee for your first six months.

It has unlimited products for your business as well as multi-store management capabilities.

Some of its best features are:

Custom SSL

A custom SSL is an excellent tool to upgrade the security of your online store.

It provides your shoppers with a secure browsing experience. Also, it assures customers that their data are safe on your website. Thus, they do not have to worry about a breach in their security from hackers.

Product Filtering

Product filtering is a vital tool that an online store uses to improve the user experience.

It allows users to search for products based on certain specifications. It could be a feature such as brand, price range, color, and size. Also, it helps your customers narrow down their choices quickly. Some of them might be overwhelmed with similar items in a large collection.

Advanced Shipping Rules

It is a vital tool that an online store uses to automate shipping rules.

For example, you can set up different charges for specific regions and countries. So, the correct rates get charged when customers make purchases from you. You also have access to real-time tracking data of deliveries through this feature.


The entry level plan for BigCommerce is the Standard plan which comes in at $29.95 per month if you pay annually. It’s a competitive price and there are no transaction fees which is nice.

The Standard plan for BigCommerce though only allows you to sell up to 50,000 dollars in sales over a the course of a full year, so it doesn’t leave you much room to move before you’re having to step up to the Plus plan which is $79.95 and on it goes.

BigCommerce is based on a growth pattern, where if you start making more money, they expect you to upgrade and unlock more sophisticated features.


Templates & Design

BigCommerce has a large selection of well-designed templates for pretty much any store you can think of. As with other store builders they offer both free and premium designs which incur a one-off cost.

Many of BigCommerce’s templates are designed by the same third-party designers that also sell templates on Shopify, so the two platforms are comparable when it comes to design, as they are in several other areas. As is expected these days, they are all responsive, so they’ll look just as good on a mobile.

BigCommerce Template Designs
You can view a demo for each of them to see how they look and feel, before buying.


Big Commerce Australia is easy to use. You can easily create a new website or online shop on your own.

Also, you have access to a variety of themes and templates. It saves you time since it is easy for anyone with basic knowledge about web design. You do not have to be an expert or have a diploma to build your online store.

According to BigCommerce reviews, its dashboard is user-friendly. It has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate when you want to make changes or updates on your website. It enables users with no coding skills to create forms and buttons for their online store easily. Also, anyone can publish blog posts at any time. The platform offers built-in support for blogging.

It comes with a mobile app that allows you to manage your online store on the go. You can sync your inventory across all sales channels. Thus, customers get accurate product information whenever they shop. It offers an iPad and iPhone-friendly responsive design for an excellent user experience.

There is no complicated programming code required. So you do not have to hire web developers or programmers to keep your site running. It saves you money since it comes with a free online store plan.

BigCommerce Australia also has a new page builder that is easy to use. Now, users can create new pages using a drag-and-drop interface.

It offers a free plan, so there are no monthly fees for hosting costs either. Also, the website builder has an intuitive interface. It is easy to navigate when making changes or updates on your website.

Usability is very strong with BigCommerce. The interface has a lot going on and could be a bit overwhelming for a first time online store owner. When you first sign up though, they do provide you with a bunch of sample products which makes it easier to see how everything is supposed to look. That seems to make the setting up a lot easier than having to start from a blank canvas.

BigCommerce Dashboard

Finally, the inventory section is well designed and easy to manage both online and through the dedicated Squarespace mobile app. If you are on the higher plans, your site visitors will be able to log in and access their cart at any time. There’s also a great waitlist option where users can sign up for a notification when a desired item is back in stock.

Product Management

BigCommerce Australia enables you to create new products. You can edit existing ones on your online store. It gives you insight into product performance so you can make informed decisions. Thus, increasing your sales and driving ROI for your business.

For example, it offers real-time analytics features. For instance, it tracks customer behavior to keep you informed on their needs. Also, it has a centralized inventory system that updates across all sales channels.

This way, customers always get accurate product information wherever they shop. It increases conversion rates and average order value for your business.


For payments, you have almost unlimited options. There are the standard Credit Card options through Stripe and PayPal, as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Afterpay, pretty much anything that ends in “pay”! There are also a host of offline options like being able to accept Bank Deposits which could be a useful option to have.

If you’re in need of a multi-currency offering to sell overseas then BigCommerce needs to be strongly considered.  Foreign exchange costs are kept to a minimum because they settle transactions in the currency of origin, rather than converting it back to your home currency.

According to BigCommerce reviews, the multi-currency feature is vital. It enables your business to sell in multiple currencies.

You can also manage cross-border transactions easily. It offers support for over 200 payment gateways worldwide. It makes it easy for you to accept payments from around the globe. For example, you can accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or cash-on-delivery options. It also partners with and stripe for this purpose.

The eCommerce platform provides a new easy-to-use checkout module. It is simple, and customers complete their purchases without stress or confusion.

You can choose from several themes for your online store’s design too. This way, you will get the look and feel you want quickly at no extra cost. The checkout feature enables you to customize the look and feel of your store’s pages easily.

The Bigcommerce checkout SDK enables you to create a custom shopping cart. It provides deep integration with the system, so it is efficient.

The checkout SDK is fully customizable. Thus, you can create a smooth and easy online shopping experience for your customers.

BigCommerce Order Processing

The eCommerce platform provides a new order page template that is easy to use. It enables you to process orders quickly and easily. You can also prepare invoices and packing sheets without difficulty.

It offers real-time shipping rates through integration with popular carriers. For instance, it works with FedEx, USPS, and Australia Post. Also, you get access to integrations with the likes of eBay. Others include Amazon Marketplace, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Thus, enabling your business to increase its customer base. It automatically syncs inventory across all sales channels.

Big commerce Australia allows you to create shipping labels from within the platform. Hence there is no need for a third-party software or app installation. It saves you time and money.

BigCommerce Multi-Channel Feature

BigCommerce multi-channel feature is vital in growing your online store. It enables you to manage orders from any channel directly through your store.

There are no extra fees involved when using the multi-channel feature. Bigcommerce Australia provides free support for all its user and offers solutions to a problem. It also answers questions asked by its customers.

The multi-channel feature enables you to track performance, sales, and rates. Also, it allows you to optimize the customer experience.

The eCommerce platform enables you to integrate your online store. You can use your existing website or brand. This way, customers have access to their purchase history from any device they want. Also, they can leave reviews about your business too.

BigCommerce helps you to discover new markets through its multi-channel feature. You can sell anywhere in the world without difficulty or confusion.

It provides complete control over inventory and orders from all sales channels. It does not matter whether they are on Bigcommerce Australia’s website platform itself.

Also, there is no need to worry about inventory or order fulfillment. This increases your business’s sales and profits too.

BigCommerce Tax and Shipping Options

You can use the eCommerce platform to integrate all your existing taxes. It enables you to collect, pay, and remit sales taxes with ease.

The tax feature enables your business to sell goods in various regions of the world. It allows you to calculate the price of your goods, including tax. It prevents any price disagreements with customers who are not aware of the tax rate.

Also, it makes marketing campaigns more effective for small businesses. Customers can get accurate prices on all their purchases regardless of their location.

Big commerce Australia offers the integration of third-party shipping software. For example, it has a partnership with FedEx to ensure timely deliveries. Also, it integrates with Australia Post to make shipment arrangements easier for you. It enables you to make pick-up deliveries, next-day deliveries, and even free shipping.


BigCommerce SEO feature is outstanding in its ways. It provides a simple solution that positively impacts your online store’s ranking.

The eCommerce platform brings you a free search engine compatibility tool. It improves SEO and enhances customer experience and conversions too.

It also has a built-in email marketing feature. The feature provides an easy solution for small businesses. You can use this feature to develop strong relationships with customers over time.

SEO feature enables your business to rank high on SERPs. It has an SEO-friendly URL that you can adjust according to your preference. You can make it long, short, or customize it for your customers. It is mobile-friendly and allows you to customize pages, headings, or meta descriptions.

As various BigCommerce reviews state, it is excellent for marketing. The platform comes with email marketing options. For example, it works with MailChimp and Hubspot, among others.

It also gives you options to provide discounts to motivate your clients. Also, it allows you to create and use banners to attract your audience’s attention.

Social media platforms also work with Big Commerce Australia in marketing. The websites have a Buy Now option that enables customers to buy from your website.

Setting up a BigCommerce Store

Setting up a BigCommerce online store is easy. It requires a few easy steps to set, and you’re good to go. The stages in setting up the BigCommerce store are as follows:

Sign up to BigCommerce

Browse through the BigCommerce website. You can scroll through to find a store feature compatible with your business.

Sign up to the website and enter your business name. Then, select the free trial version.

Fill out your personal and business details. Some answers that it will ask you are what you intend to sell and your location. Then select the “Create my store now” button.

Bigcommerce will build your store for you using the information you provided. When it’s done, you will see a green open sign. You can then visit your store.

BigCommerce Store Customization

The website will give you a Quickstart Wizard to kickstart your store. Launch it to customize your online store.

Then, set your store name and your address. The next step is to set SEO details and measurement units for your store. When done, you can select a theme and add a logo of your preference.

After that, you can add the products that your store will be selling. Then, set up payment, shipping, and tax details.


Apps and integrations options are impressive at BigCommerce, but no where near as many as you’ll find in Shopify which is an enormous ecosystem. 

As an example BigCommerce don’t seem to have a dedicated dropshipping app, whereas Shopify’s most popular app is just that – Oberlo.

BigCommerce do have more features included with the base packages that you buy. So whereas Shopify kind of focuses on apps, BigCommerce tries to give you everything all in one.

Other sales channels

This is another really nice feature that BigCommerce gives you out of the box.

The BigCommerce Channel Manager allows you to connect to existing channels or add new ones with just a few clicks. No matter where a sale originates, you can process, fulfill and track it from your BigCommerce dashboard. Channel Manager currently works with eBay, Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest.


BigCommerce don’t skimp on support. They have the full compliment, with a robust Knowledge base to find the answers yourself, but equally as accessible are their live chat, email and phone support which is available 24/7.

BigCommerce Australia ensures the security of your business data. All transactions are securely processed through a PCI-compliant payment gateway.

Its SSL encryption protects all sensitive information from users and customers. It provides you with a free SSL certificate to make securing your business data easier.

Data loss prevention is a vital feature. It prevents clients’ accounts from unauthorized access. The platform also has an anti-fraud feature that protects against fraudulent activities.

Pros & Cons

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