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Wix is one of the best website builders for Australian businesses. It is easy to use, affordable and delivers impressive designs. According to Wix review Australia, Wix has been in business since 2006. Started by two high school friends, they wanted to make websites faster and easier without any coding knowledge. 

The software costs about $10 a month with no contracts or subscriptions required. With Wix, you can create your site in just a few minutes! You can also create an account for free to preview their features.

Wix has over 50 million users worldwide, and it is multiplying each year! Wix offers four types of website packages for all budgets: Starter ($0), Pro ($18/mo.), Business ($30/mo.), and Enterprise ($60). All prices are based on annual billing.

As the largest website builder platform in the world, Wix should have all the tools you need to launch into the online world. How are they for ecommerce though? Let’s see how they stack up.

Who is Wix good for in Australia?

WIX is perfect for beginners or business owners who don’t want to pay a high cost. But still, need an attractive website. They have tons of useful features like built-in advertising and SEO tools. SEO tools that will help your site rank higher in the search engines. Plus, you can easily add videos or photos to your blog. You can also connect your social media accounts to make it easy for people to contact you.

Business experts can use Wix too! If you need a simple site to share your portfolio or team, Wix is ideal. It has plenty of features. The Business plan allows for up to 50 pages and includes access to their support center. You can also add eCommerce tools for customers to shop online without leaving your page.

Wix free vs. Wix Premium

Wix offers a free website builder version, but it has limited features. The Starter plan costs $0/mo, and it comes with unlimited pages. It also gives you access to over 500 high-quality designs and templates that you can select. Another good thing about the package is that it has no ads or popups on your site. You can add up to 50 products or services with the Pro plan ($18/mo.) Wix will create a mobile-friendly version of your site. But, you can’t add custom code or designs to make it unique unless you upgrade. 

Wix premium costs $28/mo. and gives you access to unlimited pages on your site. The package allows you to add custom code for advanced customization (HTML, CSS). Also, it gives you access to over 500 high-quality designs & templates with no ads or popups on your site. The premium package is better than the free one if you need more customization or design options. The premium plan is worth considering. With this package, your site can have unlimited pages and products. Plus, it comes with hosting for up to 100GB of data!

Wix Pricing

The first good news is that you can create a test online store with Wix for free, but it will be for your eyes only. If you want to publish it, you’ll need one of the below plans. Business basic is a pretty good deal and should be enough for most cases. You get all the essential features like your own domain name, unlimited store items and bandwidth, as well as plenty of storage. Business VIP could be useful if you’re big on priority support, but at over twice the price of business basic, you’ll need a lot of support to get your money’s worth. Wix has four website packages that vary in price and features. All prices are based on annual billing, so choosing a plan for at least one year is wise. All packages include a free domain name and SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. They also have email accounts with spam protection and filters and 24/hr support. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee for all plans! The packages include the starter pack that costs $0/mo and business Basic going for $18/mo. It also has the business unlimited that costs $28/mo and business VIP costing $38/mo. (contact Wix for custom quotes)

Templates & Design

Wix has over 500 high-quality templates and themes that you can choose. It also lets you add your HTML & CSS code to make it unique. But it requires the premium version (the starter plan doesn’t allow customization). You can change colors, fonts, images/videos, and more.

Another great thing about Wix, the quality, variety and flexibility of their themes. This is true both of the normal sites and online stores as you can see from this gallery. They now boast over 500 different design templates to choose from including 100+ templates specifically designed to building an online store.

Wix Online Store Templates


As the Wix eCommerce review states, it is very easy to use. The drag and drop feature means you can change the design or layout of your website with just a few clicks! Simply click on any part of your site, like textboxes or images. Then move them around until it looks perfect. You don’t need to know HTML code at all because Wix will do it for you.

Wix has a lot of high-quality templates that you can select. But there are also customizable options if you want something unique. Plus, their site store includes features like contact forms or social media buttons. You can add them in minutes!

Wix Product Management


Wix has an eCommerce plan, but it is only available for Business and VIP plans. It allows you to add a shopping cart (an advanced feature). Then you can sell your products online using its automated payment processing system. You can also use third-party integrations like PayPal or Stripe.


Wix makes it easy to set the geographical regions, shipping rules (e.g free shipping, flat rate etc.) and Delivery Options (standard shipping, express, etc.).


As Wix for e-commerce reviews state, Wix uses its SEO engine. It enables you to add your products, videos, images, and blogs in the right way. You can also optimize them for search engines like Google using their SEO engine. The SEO setting is beneficial because it helps in the better indexing of your site on search engines. It also enables you to add SEO meta tags and keywords for each page or blog. Thus, they can be more visible when someone searches them online. You can also use Yoast’s plugin to manage your site’s on-page SEO settings and options.

Wix generally does a fine job at handling SEO options. For each product page, you can define a title and description. It will however, add some generic words like product page to your URL, which isn’t too big of a deal. One caveat, the site loading speed isn’t the best out there, which may have a bit of an impact on your SEO in competitive industries.


If you want to expand your features with third party e-commerce apps, you also have much less choice than with Shopify and WooCommerce. Having said that, there is something to be said for not being over burdened with too much choice. Wix have a solid selection of apps both in-house and third party developed apps.

Wix Product catalogue

Wix has a product catalogue for many different business types. The products in the store are added from your dashboard instead of the website editor. Thus in case, you select a different theme, it transfers the product information to the new theme. Wix product catalogue also indicates if a product is out of stock. You can also add product descriptions to your products.

Image library

Wix reviews Australia show that it has a vast image library. It is searchable and contains more than 100 million images. The image library also has an attachable feature for adding images to the products. You can also add videos from YouTube to your website. It has a video library where you can add more than 100 million videos. It is also searchable and doesn’t need extra software to add it to the site’s media gallery. You can either embed or attach them directly on your pages or blogs.

Abandoned carts & account management

Wix offers abandoned carts & order management features. It allows you to keep track of your customers and their orders. You can also send emails to them on their purchased items or service that they didn’t end up buying. It helps in increasing sales and conversion rates by tracking visitors.

Mobile responsiveness

Wix is one of the few website builders that offer mobile responsiveness. It has an extensive collection of designs and templates. It makes your site look great when viewed on any device. It could be a tablet, smartphone, laptop, and desktop. You can use Wix apps to create a responsive app for Android & iOS devices.

Contact form and live chat

Wix has a live chat option on the website. It is beneficial for business people who need to provide support and help in real-time. The contact form enables you to stay connected with your visitors and clients. 

Customer reviews

According to Wix reviews for e-commerce Wix has a review tab on its website. It lets you see how other people rate and review Wix in Australia, the UK, or the US. You can also leave your reviews there about its services and features. Customer reviews help in determining whether a website builder is worth it or not.


Wix reviews e-commerce show that it also has blog integration. You can import your blog posts or any other content from various blogging platforms. For example, you can import from Blogger, WordPress, and Tumbler with just one click. But, you need to have an active blog on these platforms to make importing easy.

Other sales channels

Wix have a solid selection of apps both in-house and third party developed apps. There is much less choice than with Shopify and BigCommerce but there is something to be said for not being overburdened with too much choice.


Support is probably one of the main shortcomings here. While the knowledge base is good for how-tos, and video examples, the personal support felt a bit templated. To me, it sometimes takes several messages to get the right answer to an issue. And the callback service can also be hit and miss.

According to Wix e-commerce reviews, it offers support through email and live chats. They also have a vast knowledge base with articles, tutorials, and FAQs. You can contact them by phone or postal mail if you prefer those options. They will respond very quickly, within an hour or less.

Wix speeds and uptime in Australia

Wix is a fast and reliable website builder. They have servers around the world to ensure high-quality uptime and speed.  In Australia, you can expect average speeds of at least 100ms. Its uptime is excellent, with less than 0.01% of downtime recorded over the last six months (one minute or more).


Wix is really a great choice for your ecommerce store as long as you don’t have plans to have a very large selection of products. It’s ease of use and design flexibility are standout features and it’s also great value for money. For those wanting to get an awesome looking site up without too much hassle or cost, Wix is certainly a top choice. Hope you like our Wix review.

Do I Recommend Wix For Those In Australia?

Wix is an affordable website builder for beginners and experts. It has high-quality templates and easy customization/designing options. Wix also has excellent uptime & speed and 24/hr support through chat or email.

Those in Australia can enjoy the benefits of Wix. But, the free version doesn’t offer much. The starter plan’s limited features prevent you from having a unique site. If you need to add your code or design customizations, I recommend Wix Premium ($28/mo.)

Pros & Cons

Wix, like any other website builder, has its pros. It is a user-friendly platform, has a lot of cool features, and is very affordable. Also, Wix templates are very nice, and you can customize them to fit your needs. Beginners can use it to create websites, and experts can use it as well. It has a ton of useful features like SEO and analytics tools. Also, you can use the free version to create a website without any restrictions. The cons about Wix is that it doesn’t have many features for complicated websites. Their support team isn’t beneficial if you need help with your site or questions about it. You may not be able to find answers for everything. Wix does not have any mobile apps, which may be an issue for someone who would like to manage or update their site on the go. Many users have also complained about the limitations in customization options. People often compare it to other platforms like Squarespace or Weebly. Many people feel that its designs are not as professional-looking as competitors’ sites. You do not get entire web hosting with the free version of Wix.

Wix Example

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