B2B eCommerce platform is the best solution for any business. Businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of this online tool, and improve their conversion rates. Whether you are just starting or have been working for many years, the B2B eCommerce Platform has something you need! It helps you manage multiple channels, make more money and sell to the most demographics of people.

This article will give you the details on the incredible platform and why it is a better choice than any other eCommerce tool out there.

What is B2B eCommerce?

B2B stands for business-to-business. It is a term used in marketing and sales that involves promoting and selling goods and services between businesses rather than final consumers. B2B eCommerce platform is best for manufactures, distributors, wholesalers, and brands.

The platform was created with efficiency in mind, so you get what you need without complications or hassle. There are three main goals of the B2B eCommerce platform:

Make Selling Easier – The mobile-friendly site enables customers to access it from their phones, tablets, or computers. There’s no need to worry about updates because they’re done automatically for you every month free!

Increase Sales – create targeted ads to get more customers and increase your conversion rates.

Increase Efficiency – manage all aspects of B2B sales with ease, track inventory using ERP system and automate everything you can, including shipping labels!b2b ecommerce solutions


Open-source B2B eCommerce platform for midmarket and enterprise companies

B2B eCommerce platform is a digital marketing software that is open-source. It was created to help companies grow their sales and increase efficiency. The platform works for all customer groups regardless of size or experience in the industry, which makes it an ideal solution because you won’t have to change anything about your current practices.

Midmarket companies and enterprise companies can use this platform. It is perfect for those who want to sell online and market their products or services without the hassle of writing code, dealing with updates, and spending a lot of money on third-party tools that don’t work as well as they should.

B2B eCommerce features ready to go

B2B eCommerce features are different from those of platforms targeting consumers. The following are some of the B2B eCommerce platform’s features that make it different from other tools:

Category management

Digital commerce comes with built-in features that allow users to organize product catalogs into categories, subcategories or list them as individual products with ease. The eCommerce for B2B system is flexible and can be adapted to your company’s needs. It improves customer self-service on the eCommerce sites.

Corporate account management

The corporate account feature is perfect for companies that allow multiple users to access and manage the system. It offers more control, security, and flexibility.

Multiple prices and shopping lists

eCommerce platform for B2B allows users to create multiple price lists for different customers or groups of customers. You can also generate a shopping list similar to a catalog you can print out and give to your clients.

Real-time inventory management

The real-time system gives you accurate information about your stock levels at any given time. You can use it to track the number of items in or out of stock, which will help reduce errors and ensure that there are enough products for everyone who wants them.

Personalized B2B catalog management

It allows users to create personalized catalogs for customers, groups of customers, or products. You can highlight specific products and offer different prices and print the list out in a booklet form that you can give to your clients before they shop at your store.


Essential B2B Ecommerce Platform Features

Access restriction options

Access to restriction options is one of the B2B features that are essential. It offers four levels of access restriction. These include:

Products– You can limit access to particular products or categories. Users will only be able to see the items that they have permission to see.

Orders – Restricting access to specific orders helps you keep your sales figures private. You can choose to allow specific users access to the orders they are involved with, see all orders or disable this feature entirely if you want complete control over who sees what information.

Inventory – Limit access to catalog-related features such as the number of items in stock, backorders, or pending orders. The feature is ideal if your clients contact you with questions about how many pieces are available and when they will purchase them again.

Customers– You can also restrict access to customers. You can limit certain information like customer contact details, personal data, or credit history. You can choose to let everyone have full access or restrict it only to specific individuals depending on their role within the company.

Pricing, payment, and ordering customization and options

The cloud-based system provides companies the opportunity to customize their pricing and orders. The options play a vital part in preventing confusion, mistakes and encouraging clients to keep coming back.

Pricing options include:

List price – It is the original price of an item before discounts are applied. Users will see this information in full detail when creating a listing for your product, including any special offers or promotions that best suit their needs.

Discounted price – You can create different discounted prices for products and services for specific groups or types of customers, products, and categories and have a small business discount that is more suitable for smaller companies.

Packaged pricing – You can create a price for multiple items, allowing customers to buy them in bulk and save money.

Payment options include:

Credit cards –B2B customers can choose the best credit card solution for them. There is no requirement to use specific pay gateways.

Cash on Delivery – If you already have a business that operates in certain areas, this option is perfect for you because it allows users to pay money upon delivery of the product they ordered from you.

Cheques – Leading B2B platforms accept cheques from clients. It is essential to check with your state laws before including them as an option because some areas do not allow them.

B2B eCommerce platform also provides ordering customization and options. These include the quality of the products. It allows you to limit the number of items a customer can buy. It is perfect for selling clothes and ensuring that users always have enough in their wardrobes or accessories such as sunglasses, where people tend to lose them quickly.

Heavy focus on user/customer experience

ECommerce platforms focus on user experience to ensure that the platform matches their needs. It has a vast range of tools that allow them to customize various elements. The platform offers 24/7 help and support via telephone or email. You can also find their knowledge base, which acts as an information hub for your users to quickly and easily find answers to any questions.

Factors to Think About Before Selecting a B2B Ecommerce Platform

Use of platform

You and your team need to be able to use the eCommerce site without difficulty. It is best to consider the software’s capabilities and your business needs. For instance, the site’s user interface should be easy to use, and the content should be easy to edit. The best B2B eCommerce platform is one that your team has the knowledge and abilities to handle. That way, you can focus on meeting your B2B or B2C business goals instead of being stuck in complicated management tools.

Business implications

Before settling on an eCommerce site, it is crucial to consider the implications of your decision. You need to select an e-commerce platform built to scale the growth of B2B businesses. Also, consider your business needs and if the eCommerce site has the B2B features to help address them. For instance, if you are only selling in one area or want to expand rapidly into new areas, you should select sites that can handle this growth for you instead of spending time learning how to adjust its features according to your needs.

Cost of the platform

How much does the eCommerce software for your business cost? It is vital to consider the cost because some platforms are expensive and do not offer the features you need. Others may be too cheap, which means they will lack certain crucial elements that make your business successful. Therefore, to get value for your money for a B2B and B2C eCommerce platform, you need to find a balance between the cost and what it offers.

b2b ecommerce platform

Best B2B eCommerce platforms

Shopify Plus

Shopify plus is one of the best platforms for your online store. Its essential features include the drag and drop features that are easy to use. It provides B2B solutions to help you grow your business. It is easy to use, with personalized pricing and paying options that make it ideal for users of all abilities. Shopify plus focuses on companies that have a revenue of $1M or more.


BigCommerce is a B2B commerce platform that is designed for growth for online stores. It has a clean design and powerful features such as advanced SEO tools, marketing dashboard, order management system, social media, etc. It also provides 24/7 customer support to help users make the most of its capabilities.

Oracle SuiteCommerce

Have you heard of Oracle SuiteCommerce? It is an eCommerce platform built to enable you to manage your online, mobile, and offline shopping experience. It has an open framework which makes it ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small companies to large enterprises, because you can customize it according to specific needs. Oracle pricing starts from $2500/month.

WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B commerce is a platform that allows you to sell online. It is a WordPress plugin that B2B companies use to interact with their clients, process payments, manage listings, and track sales through the WooCommerce platform. The best thing about it is that it enables your business to expand because it can be integrated into third-party eCommerce services such as Shopify or Magento.


Pepperi was designed in 2012, and its pricing is from $500/month. It offers eCommerce and CMS capabilities to help users manage their stores with ease. Pepperi has over 1000 customers worldwide, including Ben & Jerry’s.


CS-Cart has a plan that enables you to manage various eCommerce platforms within the same interface. It is a flexible platform that meets specific needs, with multiple payment methods and more than 400+ extensions available on its marketplace. In addition, it focuses on both B2B and B2C customers.


Opencart is available to B2B eCommerce customers worldwide. It offers a variety of features such as mobile commerce, responsive site design, and simple marketing tools to help merchants achieve their goals. Opencart is easy to use with an intuitive interface that enables you to manage your catalog easily, allowing for rapid growth.


One of the best B2B eCommerce platforms is Squarespace. It is a platform with unlimited bandwidth, domain names, and high-speed storage to help stores achieve their goals. Squarespace offers custom design options, site search, and multiple payment options. Best of all, it is easy to use with an intuitive interface that makes managing your online store a breeze.


PrestaShop is a B2B eCommerce solution that is 100% free. It is a plugin that integrates with your existing website, allowing you to manage your product catalog and eCommerce solution. PrestaShop also offers online community forums, SEO tools, among others. It enables B2B business merchants to achieve success in their business endeavors.


NuOrder is an excellent platform for your business. Its pricing ranges from $7,000 to $100,000 annually. The B2B eCommerce website is customizable and offers advanced order management, catalog, and CRM features that help users manage their business. It also has a powerful reporting engine to enable managers to see key metrics on how the platform is performing.


TradeGecko is an eCommerce platform built to help online retailers manage inventory, orders, and fulfillment. It features multiple payment options, an order management system, product tracking tools, among others ideal for manufacturers and distributors who want to improve their eCommerce companies.

FAQs About B2B Ecommerce Platforms

What is the advantage of using a SaaS solution rather than open-source software?

The main advantage of using SaaS eCommerce business solutions over open-source software is that it is easy to deploy, maintain and operate. Also, SaaS solutions are usually plug-and-play, which means that you can start using them right away. Open-source software requires technical knowledge to use.

Are there free B2B eCommerce solutions?

Yes, there are free B2B solutions available on the Internet. These platforms have basic features that allow you to sell without having to pay any fees. However, they don’t offer advanced functionality or support it, which is difficult for businesses at times. They include but are not limited to Pepperi and Opencart.

Are there benefits of selling on a B2B platform?

Yes, there are several benefits of selling on B2B eCommerce sites. The most important ones include :

  1. There is a large market of buyers on B2B eCommerce platforms.
  2. You get to use advanced features that make eCommerce easier.
  3. There are many payment options available on B2B eCommerce platforms.
  4. It is easy to manage your catalog, orders, and fulfillment.

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